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PCT | Tunable Antimicrobial Chemical Compound

PCT is an antimicrobial polymeric N-halamine based chemical compound. Unlike other N-halamines, PCT eliminates the post-treatment step for activation of N-halamine products. Therefore, PCT acts as chlorine reservoir and is ready-to-use. Our product has outstanding shelf-life stability and is able to retain more than 90% of its chlorine load for more than one year. PCT can be tuned for broad range of application including but not limited to antimicrobial additive, water disinfection, and antimicrobial surface spray. PCT stands out among N-halamines and other antimicrobial agents due to being ready-to-use, long-term efficacy, stability, durability, and tunability.

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Antimicrobial Additives

This is the next generation of antimicrobial additives for a broad range of products and applications for healthcare industry, food packaging, household, and consumer goods. PCT can be directly added to and blended with latex paints, epoxy, and variety of polymers and plastics to create ready-to-use antimicrobial materials that can keep chlorine for months to ensure a microbe-free environment. Unlike other N-halamine products, our product is pre-chlorinated and does not require an activation and/or post-treatment step with household bleach which makes it suitable for application on more delicate materials or surfaces. It does not have the unpleasant smell of bleach and is corrosion-free. Our product can be easily recharged to refresh antimicrobial activity using bleach spray or bleach wipes in case of chlorine exhaustion, if needed. it is possible to test for the presence of chlorine using the same test methods that are used to check chlorine levels in swimming pools. Providing long-term protection against harmful pathogens and being pre-chlorinated, ready-to-use, and rechargeable makes our additive product stand out among N-halamines and other antimicrobial products.

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Antimicrobial Surface Spray

When dissolved in solutions based on ethyl alcohol and water, PCT can be applied on broad range of surfaces such as plastics, metals, glass, textiles, and more. This spray leaves a thin film behind that is antimicrobial and is durable against moisture, heat, and wet or dry touch and provides continuous antimicrobial activity for more than 3 months. Unlike other N-halamine based surface sprays, this surface spray is ready-to-use and does not require to be activated with bleach which makes it suitable for applying on more delicate surfaces such as electronics (keyboards, monitors, etc.) and household appliances.

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